Welcome to the Community!

Join us as we make Two Rivers/Pleasant Valley a better place to live and work and play!


(Special Thanks go out to Leslie and George LaBar and Mariska Wright for use of their photographic images on our website.)


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Community!

  1. Kelly Barker

    I am planning to post this question at the post office to see about interest, but I would like to start a Two Rivers Yoga Club. Would I be able to rent the community center one night a week? Who do I need to talk to?


    • Kelly, you can find the information and instructions for renting the building on the “Community Center” tab of this website. Basically, the cost is $50 for up to 4 hours. If you go over 4 hours, the cost is $100. There is also a $250 security deposit that must be paid up front and will be held until you no longer plan to meet at the building. This deposit covers cleaning/repairs that may be necessary following your event(s). Most evenings are available except Wednesdays. If you have any other questions, please call me at 460-0249.

      Bob Sugden
      PVCA Treasurer

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